• A. An Orientation
    B. A Methodology Approach
    C. Importance of a Strong Foundation
Chapter 1
  • A. A Brief History of the Mandolin
    B. The Parts of a Mandolin
    C. Construction of a Mandolin
    D. Importance of Proper Set-Up
    E. Bridge Placement: How to Adjust for Proper Intonation
    F. String Action: How to Adjust for Proper String Height
Chapter 2
  • A. Gauge of Strings
    B. Choice of Picks
    C. Mandolin Straps
    D. Learning Materials for Mandolin
Chapter 3
  • A. Tuning Tools: The Electronic Tuner
    B. Tuning Your Mandolin
    C. How to tune relative to the mandolin.
Chapter 4
  • A. Proper Right-Hand Position
    B. You’re First Right-Hand Exercise
    C. Proper Left-Hand Position
    D. Your First Left-Hand Exercise
Chapter 5
  • A. Chords: Key of G- Learn your first chord progression.
    B. Rhythm Techniques: Combining rhythm with your first chords.
    C. 4/4 Rhythm
    D. 3/4 Rhythm (Waltz Time)
    E. Chords: Key of C- Learn your second chord progression.
    F. Chords: Key of D- Learn your third chord progression.
    G. Chords: Key of A- Learn your fourth chord progression.
Chapter 6
  • Advanced Right-Hand Exercises
    A. Chord Arpeggios
    B. Cross picking Exercise
    C. Tremolo Exercises
Chapter 7
  • Advanced Left-Hand Exercises
    A. Hammer-Ons
    B. Pull-Offs
    C. Slides
    D. Combining Left-Hand Exercises
Chapter 8
  • Scale Studies
    A. The G- Scale
    B. The C- Scale
    C. The D- Scale
    D. The A- Scale
Chapter 9
  • First Melodies
    A. Dixie
    B. Shenandoah
    C. Beethoven's Ninth
Chapter 10
  • Fiddle Tune Style
    A. Arkansas Traveler
    B. Soldier's Joy
    C. Devil's Dream
Chapter 11
  • Shuffle Rhythms
    A. Old Joe Clark
    B. Boil Them Cabbage Down
    C. Cross picking