Advance Guitar Chords Content

Lesson 1: Inversions of Seventh Chords, Triads, and Open Triads
  • Review of Seventh Chord Shapes
  • Seventh Chord Summary: The Big Seven
  • Chord Spelling Etude
  • Drop-2 Drop-3
  • Seventh Chord Inversions: Major 7 and Dominant 7
  • Chord Melody: Harmonizing Melodies with Triads
  • Open Major and Minor Triads
Lesson 2: Chord Melody and More Open Triads
  • Chord Melody: Harmonizing All Scale Notes
  • Diatonic Open Triads
  • Inversions of Triads: Open Diminished Shapes
  • Inversions of Triads: Open Augmented Shapes
Lesson 3: More Inversions, Crossovers, Chord Melody, and More Open Triads
  • Inversions of Seventh Chords: Minor 7 and Minor 7b5
  • Crossovers 1 C and F Blues
  • Working with Diatonic Inversions: Drop 2 Chords on Strings 5, 4, 3, and 2
  • Chord Melody "House of the Rising Sun"
  • Open Triads with I IV V I
Lesson 4: Fingerstyle Patterns and the C–A–G–E–D Approach
  • Basic Fingerstyle Patterns
  • Travis Picking Basics
  • C–A–G–E–D Approach to Chordal Playing
  • Chord Melody Tune: Avalon by Vincent Rose
Lesson 5: Harmonic Minor Voicings and Bossa Nova Fingerstyle Patterns
  • Harmonic Minor Voicings
  • Fingerstyle Patterns: Basic Brazilian Rhythm Patterns
  • Crossover/Transfer Example
  • Chord Melody
Lesson 6: Melodic Minor and Advanced Chord Substitutions
  • Melodic Minor Diatonic Chords
  • Melodic Minor Harmonies Used for Chord Melody
  • Major 6/9 Voicings: Substituting Dominant 7sus 4 Chords for Major Chord Sounds
  • Range Considerations for Chord Voicings
  • Crossover Tune: "Back Home Again in Indiana"
Lesson 7: Melodic Minor Harmonies and Modal Voicings
  • Use of Melodic Minor Derived Harmonies
  • Modal Voicings: Quartal Harmonies
  • Inversions of Maj7/Maj6/Min6/Dim7/Min7b5
Lesson 8: Open Tunings: Slash Chords Revisited and More
  • Slash Chords and Inversions of Slash Chords
  • CAGED Part 2: Use of Capo
  • Drop D Tuning: "Dear Prudence"
  • Open G Tuning: "Start Me Up"; Basic Chord Shapes
  • Chet Atkins/Jerry Reed Style
  • Harmonizing Melodies with Quartal and Slash Chord Harmonies
  • Rhythmic Interpretation
Lesson 9: Major and Minor Bebop Diatonic Scales and Alternate Tunings
  • Scale Descriptions: Major/Minor Bop
  • Harmonizing Bop Scales
  • Fingerstyle Patterns with Bop Scales
Lesson 10: Harmonic Major and Voice Leading through Chord Scales
  • Harmonic Major Harmonies
  • Voiceleading through the Major Scale (Goodrick-Style Interval Sets)
Lesson 11: Voicings from Symmetrical Scales
  • Chords from the Symmetrical Diminished Scale
  • Chords from the Symmetrical Augmented Scale
  • Voiceleading through Melodic Minor with Interval Sets
Lesson 12: Putting It All Together: Summary
  • Voiceleading through Major, Melodic Minor, Harmonic Minor, and Harmonic Major
  • Rhythm Chord Basic Shapes
  • Chord Melody Final