Blues Course Content

Lesson 1: Playing the Blues in E
  • Why Play the Blues?
  • Typical Blues Song Forms
  • Rhythm Guitar in Blues March in E
  • E Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales Open Position
Lesson 2: Blues in E—Varying the Feel, Minor Pentatonic Scales, and 8-Bar Blues
  • Varying the Feel
  • E Minor Pentatonic Scales, 6 Positions
  • Typical Blues Progressions, Part 2: 8-Bar Blues—Key to the Highway
  • Bad Boy—March in A
Lesson 3: Slow Blues with Sliding 9th Chords, Pentatonic Scales Part 2, and String Bends
  • Slow Blues in G—Sliding 9ths
  • Shuffle in G: Low-End and Rhythmic Hits
  • A Minor and C Major Pentatonic Scales—5 Positions
  • String Bends
Lesson 4: T-Bone Style Blues with Sliding 9th Chords, and Chicago Shuffles
  • Downtown and Uptown Shuffles with Sliding 9th Chords
  • T-Bone Style Slow Blues with Sliding 9th Chords
  • A Major and A Minor Pentatonic Scales—5 Positions
  • "Country Girl"—Buddy Guy/Jr. Wells Style, with Sliding 9th Variations
Lesson 5: Flat Tire/Jump Chords and Feel, with T-Bone Walker's Soloing Style and Influences
  • "Papa Ain't Salty," T-Bone Intro Chorus
  • Locking In with the Backbeat and Metronome
  • Locking In with the Bass
  • Rhythm Guitar—"Flat Tire"/Jump Chords and Feel
  • T-Bone's Influences on BB King, Clarence Holliman, and Others
Lesson 6: Minor Blues, Rhythm Guitar Variations, and Call Response Techniques
  • Minor Blues Progressions and "Thrilling'" Rhythm Part
  • Call/Response Techniques and B.B. King's Vocal Style Phrasing
  • A Blues Scales—5 Positions
  • A Blues Scales—Shifting between Positions
  • B.B. King Intro Chorus—"The Woman I Love"
Lesson 7: Playing in the Pocket, and Magic Sam Style Blues
  • Magic Sam's Intro Chorus to "Sweet Home Chicago"
  • Playing in the Pocket—Rushing/Dragging/Locking In Exercise
  • Blues in G: Rhythmic Hits, Part 2
  • Counting/Clapping Exercise
Lesson 8: Slide, Part 1: John Lee Hooker Boogie and Son House Style
  • John Lee Hooker Style: Open A Tuning—Boogie
  • Basic Slide Techniques: Open G Tuning
  • Son House Style: "Death Letter Blues," Open G Tuning
  • C Pentatonic and C Major Scales—5 Positions
Lesson 9: Slide, Part 2: Elmore James and Magic Sam Style Boogie
  • Magic Sam Style Boogie: "Looking' Good"
  • Slide in Open D Tuning
  • Elmore James Style Slide: Open D Tuning
  • Turnarounds—Robert Lockwood Jr., "Worried Life Blues"
  • Expanding Vocabulary/Learning from the Masters: Re-Using Lockwood's Turnarounds
Lesson 10: Blues Rock and Gospel Blues (Freddy King)
  • "San-Ho-Zay": Rhythm Part and Solo, as Played by Freddy King
  • Gospel Blues Progressions
  • Same Old Blues: Gospel Blues
Lesson 11: Jazz Blues
  • Bb Jazz Blues: "Blues in Maude's Flat," as Played by Grant Green
  • Walking Bass/Comping Bb Blues
  • "Freddy the Freeloader"
  • Learning the Neck
Lesson 12: Wrapping it Up—Final Performance Projects
  • "Chitlins Con Carne": Kenny Burrell's Solo and a Rhythm Part
  • Ear Training Exercises
  • "Don't Lose Your Cool," as Played by Albert Collins
  • Rhythm Guitar: Chords in 4 Regions along the Neck